Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Marine & General Services Ltd. were awarded the lead contractor roll from Clearfleau Ltd. to build the award winning anaerobic digestion plant at BV Dairy Dorset.

The on-site BV Dairy energy plant recycles energy (generated as heat and power from biogas) back to the dairy. Marine & General Services Ltd. built the huge Clearfleau system enabling BV Dairy to replace fossil fuel energy consumption with renewable electricity and heat. The digestion tank is under 1000m3 and the plant will generate 305 kWh of electricity and about 175 kWh of surplus heat, from 200 m3 of feedstock per day.

This renewable energy system for the anaerobic digestion of liquids will generate 45,000 kWh per week of electricity and 30,000 kWh of surplus heat from about 1,000m3 of liquid effluent per week. This is sufficient energy to run about 450 average sized houses for a year and will replace a significant proportion of the energy required within the business.

Award for Excellence in Recycling & Waste Management.

Alan McInnes, Technical Director at BV Dairy said: ‘We are very pleased that the BV Dairy project has won this award for "Innovation In Design Of A Waste Management Facility". BV Dairy was chosen by WRAP Waste and Resources Action Programme as a showcase site to demonstrate innovative anaerobic digestion in the dairy sector and the wider food manufacturing industry. Construction of our compact anaerobic digestion plant was completed in the autumn of 2010, on time and within budget."